In 2017, Spectrum Press International launched Printmade, a brand offering personalised printing services to meet the growing demand for customised merchandise. Founded in 1982, Spectrum Press has through the years, evolved and established itself as a premier design and printing company in Singapore.

Leveraging on state-of-the-art technology, Spectrum is constantly exploring new frontiers and pioneering new services to meet the changing needs of the industry. We have grown from a one-colour offset printing machine outfit to an established firm deploying innovative Colour Critical ™  printing and providing an array of product services for our customers.

As a company that predominantly executes commercial printing projects, we have developed brand-new products and paraphernalia in order to cater to individual consumers. Through the new brand, Spectrum aims to provide truly personal service, delivering nothing but 100% tailor made items of exceptional quality to each customer.

Professional standards at an economical price. We vet, design, print, pack and deliver to you, all out of our own office here in Singapore.