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V-Stop Alcohol Sanitizing Gel


V-Stop Alcohol Sanitizing Gel

Ideal for disinfecting hands/fingers in places easily contaminated by viruses and bacteria. V-Stop’s 75% Alcohol Sanitising Gel’s formula contains moisturizing ingredients, so it is much more gentle on your hands.

With the synergistic effect of 7 plant extracts, our formula not only soothes the skin, it also reinforces the skin barrier. This formula will not leave a sticky residue, so you will not leave a mess of fingerprints anywhere else you touch!

Offered in various pack sizes.

✓ Phthalates Free ✓Mineral Oil Free ✓Paraben Free

What's more, we would be able to customize the label to fit your company's image.  

*Customization only available for quantity 100pcs and above.

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