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V Stop Alcohol Free Sanitizer Spray



V-Stop Alcohol Free Sanitiser Spray is infused with a molecular film, creating a thin monolayer which improves contact with the skin. This invisible glove is soft and light, just like a second skin. This film imparts long lasting effect on the skin for at least 24 hours.

Coupled with the synergistic effect of 7 plant extracts, our formula not only soothes the skin, it also reinforces the skin barrier, for further protection.

Alcohol Free Phthalates Free Mineral Oil Free

Paraben Free Sulfate Free Travel Convenience

It comes in various sizes too! (20ml, 30ml, 100ml)

What's more, we would be able to customize the label to fit your company's image.  

*Customization only available for quantity 100pcs and above.

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