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Return Policy

At Printmade, we take pride in what we do and pay the utmost care and attention to the manufacturing and delivery of satisfactory products. However, like all humans, we sometimes make mistakes and here’s how we hope to right our wrongs.

As it is one of our greatest aims to deliver what our customers have trusted us to, we only provide replacements of products but not refunds. If you have received defective or unsatisfactory products, please kindly let us know and we will rectify the situation to the best of our ability! 

Before sending in your request for a replacement of product(s), please ensure that your order has met the list of criteria here: 

1. You have received your product(s) not more than 7 days ago. 
We only provide replacements of items delivered within the past 7 days and regret to inform customers that requests sent in after the indicated time frame will not be fulfilled. 

    2. Defects must be the result of production error.
    We will not replace merchandise with errors that include, but are not limited to: 

    • spelling and grammatical mistakes of text provided by the customer
    • customer provision and usage of images with low resolution
    • choice of photographs and colours picked by customer during ordering process
    • any ordering errors such as order quantity or other selectable options


      3. Dents or mishandling must have occurred prior to acknowledgement of delivery.

      Our delivery personnels are required to ensure satisfactory receipt of items and obtain acknowledgement of receipt. Your signature on our Delivery Order form signifies exactly this and hence, Printmade will not be held culpable for any damages inflicted on item(s) thereafter. All items delivered in undesirable conditions are more often than not, immediately brought back to us and replaced promptly.

      Therefore, it is not common for us to provide replacements for dented or physically damaged items that have been delivered successfully. 

      To request for a replacement, please drop us an email with the title ‘Replacement’ at

      In the email, please include: 

      • Your full name
      • Your order number 
      • Description of defect

      Our customer service representative will be in touch as soon as possible!